Thursday, July 22, 2010


Shanghai still remains fit for a King. How . . . Well after accepting an invitation to do a security event for the Ermenegildo Zegna family, I have been received into a group of high profilers looking for the same thing that I am . . . other real people to connect with. The Zegna Shanghai fashion show was organized to celebrate 100 years of being leaders in high-end male fashion and I never expected to walk away from this event with a new group of friends who are now providing the blueprint to a life that I always felt was possible. Not only was I mingling with all the models from Belgium, Milan, and France but I met and mingled with several of the international CEOs who were in VIP attendance and who had no problem letting the Krug Rose pour and pour some more. I said a little silent prayer of gratitude and then I smiled even harder than I already was because I was there to provide the color. First question that I got from everyone was “what brings you to Shanghai?” An invitation to close, and close is what I did!

Now I’m on first name basis with fashion executives from all over the world who lead very interesting and fascinating lives. These lifestyles are what we normal people see in movies or read about in books. There is this one particular CEO from Bottega Vennetta-Asia Pacific (over the entire market in Asia including Paris and Milan) who took a particular liking to me and has been inviting me to all the behind-the-scene events, restaurant outings, and musical concertos ever since we met on July 8th at the Zegna fashion show/party. I have been given much one-on-one time to talk about career paths and how to get the sweet juice out of life. Talk about sophistication, intelligence, and elegance . . . I have had my fill in Shanghai and the best part is that all I had to do was be myself. Be Mirch. That was good enough.

I have been treated well by everybody in this city. All of the events that I have attended, all of the fancy restaurants in which I have dined, and the orchestras I have heard thus far have all been paid for by these individuals who want to show me what is possible. I just have to be present and I bet smiling helps a lot. But please do not be misled, there are challenges and disappointments that I could report, but why would I do that. I’m counting my blessings—and they are far too many for the small stuff to matter.

In project news, one of the CEO’s I have met offered to donate a substantial amount of Euros to my organization here!! I cannot believe what is happening here. My primary contact told me on my birthday a few days ago that she will always consider me her best friend and I almost cried because it was a touching moment. That is what it is all about—relationships. Beijing and my journey to the Great Wall is right around the corner. Home is starting to look different already. Until the next time my friends, take care and be authentic.


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